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Staycation @Mashobra, Near Shimla

Mashobra - the name did not ring a bell with me.  My husband popped up this name one evening to select a destination for our staycation and I was left clueless. Where is this place, wondered I and immediately set about to google it. Well, Mashobra is a sleepy little town tucked away in a quiet corner of Shimla. I was glad to know that it is located just 12 kms from Shimla and is yet almost untouched by the maddening crowds of Shimla. We wanted such a place for our staycation - close to the comforts of a city and also far from its chaos and crowds. We were looking for a good homestay in the lap of nature with all the modern amenities and conveniences (read internet) at hand. Mashobra was the ideal spot with good internet connectivity and good accessibility from Shimla.  The town is nestled at a height of 7041 feet and is almost always covered in a veneer of mist and fog. It felt like we were residing in the clouds :) On a clear day, it offers panoramic views of the valleys and peaks a