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Vegetable Stew (Desi style)

  September is about to end and it's still pouring here in Maharashtra! The weather gets cold at night and calls for some hot and savoury stew to be enjoyed over dinner. This is my mom's recipe which I have modified a bit to suit my son's palate. I am not big into soups and stews and I made this one after many years wondering if my son would love it. (Husband usually has everything that I make without much fuss ;))  Stew, essentially means something which has been cooked over a long period of time with a closed lid that brings together all the wonderful flavours into the broth. Here I am adding mixed vegetables with some typical 'desi' seasonings in the stew which makes it all the more delightful. Topped with cheese it becomes irresistible :) Ingredients: Mixed vegetables (like finely chopped beans, carrots, peas, potatoes, cauliflower, soaked and squeezed soya chunks) - 1.5 cups Cooked rajma/kidney beans - 5-6 tsp ( I used leftover Rajma from my fridge) Pureed Toma

Papaya halwa

  As is the case mostly, Big Basket got me a raw papaya instead of the ripe one that I had ordered. I tried to to ripen it by keeping it in a paper bag. However, that did not help much and to my dismay after cutting the fruit open, it was bland - neither raw nor sweet enough to consume it. Well, I decided to make a halwa out of this cut fruit so that it would atleast become palatable and would not go waste. ..and that was a very good decision as the halwa turned out to be a really tasty affair... Ingredients: Grated Ripe papaya - around 400-500 gms Ghee - 1/2 cup or slightly more as per your preference Sugar - 6-8 tbsp ( this depends on the sweetness of your papaya as well; hence would recommend to add spoon by spoon and check the taste) Unsweetened Mawa/Milk powder/Almond powder - 2-3 tbsp  Elaichi powder - 1/2 tsp Salt - a pinch Dry fruits like raisins and cashews - optional Method: Heat the ghee in a thick-bottomed kadhai and add the grated papaya. Mix it well. Keep it covered for 1

Satorya -stuffed mawa flatbread

  Shravan is almost ending and so are the myriad festivals we witnessed this month. I am sure most of you would have gorged on a variety of sweets this month, especially the ever-favorite modaks :) Yes, I made the steamed ones, the fried ones, the mawa ones and then one fine day after having my fill of modaks, I decided to try my hand at making satoris. It is one of my favorite desserts ... after all who doesn't like sweets with a flaky crust covering soft mawa inside! Satori is a palm-sized small, flat bread stuffed with the goodness of mawa. I guess you can make satoris with other stuffings of your choice like coconut-jaggery mixture as well.  It is almost a lost traditional Maharashtrian recipe, not found in many places in the state as well.  However, I am glad that Chitale Bandhu in Pune are keeping this traditional sweet alive and kicking! I had forgotten about this delicious dessert when I was in Bangalore and now after relishing the store-bought ones,  I wanted to try making