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Goan Sorak Curry

Spicy, Tangy and Simple - Sorak Curry with Bhindi I have really fond memories of this curry from my childhood. My grandmother used to make the vegetarian version of this curry with lauki for me whenever I used to visit her and used to serve this with piping hot steamed rice. The combination of this curry with rice just creates magic on your taste buds. The midly spiced curry with the flavours of coconut, tamarind, coriander and chillies, just leaves one craving for more. My late grandmother was a native of Goa and so I can vouch for the authencity of this lipsmacking curry which is a basic preparation in every Goan household. As I researched this curry, I got to know that this is a staple during the monsoons when fresh fish is not easily available and hence is usually made with dried fishes and prawns with our without vegetables. I have adapted the recipe to the available items in my pantry but I am also giving the recipe the way my grandmother used to make it :) Recipe for