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Bhavnagri gathia - a delight for our taste buds (Sev tomato and Sev Usal)

Farsan- the much adored Gujarati snacks I got introduced to Gujarati farsan from quite an young age. Being a Mumbaikar, bhavnagri gathia was not new to me. There were many farsan marts near our house that used to dish out samosas, batata wadas, kachoris, dhoklas, khandvis, different types of sev, mixture, jalebis, gulab jamuns, pedhas, burfis and ladoos. Did I name them all? Salivating already! Well, these shops did sell all these and much more, creating a culinary paradise for us kids back then. Initially, I used to think that farsan meant a particular mixture of fafda, sev, boondi, peanuts, etc - basically a mixture, which was a permanent feature in our house. I never considered other snacks as farsan. Little did I know that the term 'farsan' literally meant salty snacks and included all things fried/steamed/baked and salty. The Agarwal farsan mart near our house used to fry these melt-in-the-mouth snacks like fafda and gathia in huge batches every day. Fresh and tempt