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Day trips in Tuscany (Italy)

A day in Lucca & Pisa Many would be surprised to know that Florence as a city, did not hold much charm for us as its rustic Tuscan countryside did. We are not connoisseurs of museum art and do not quite understand the Renaissance art of Florence. Nor did we strive to understand it.   There are so many charming one-day trips from Florence reflecting the past glory of Tuscany that we chose to explore its countryside in our 4-day trip to Tuscany rather than just Florence alone…The Castle of San Gimignano, the medieval city of Siena, the sprawling vineyards in the Chianti wine region, Lucca, Pisa are just a few of the many touristy places, I quote here. We made Empoli our base, a city just outside Florence, and rented a lovely AirBnb for our stay. We had our own ride, so covering Lucca and Pisa in a day was not a daunting task for us. We started off early (around 7:30 am) towards Lucca, leaving behind Pisa to be covered on our way back. This is recommended to avoid the crazy

Introduction to the flavours from Odisha 😋

Friend ho to aisi .... A dear friend from our potluck group invited all of us for a grand Odia vegetarian feast to her place. The spread was really sumptuous as she had made 8-10 dishes right from scratch, each one being as different and as fabulous as the other. In short, she made us taste all the lovely, diverse flavours of Odisha, right from the chatpata starter to the rich cheesy dessert :) The lavish spread Odia cuisine - a divine celebration of food with diversity For beginners like me, it was a gastronomic revelation to be introduced to this grand and unique cuisine. Having been a Mumbaikar, I have always relished Maharashtrian, Kannadiga, Tam-Brahm, Gujarati and North Indian foods of our country. However, as I figured out, Odisha, the land of Lord Jagannath, rich in its culture and traditions, has an abundant variety of food items to offer to us lesser mortals. Odia cuisine typically uses less oil and spices as compared to the other regional cuisines of I