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Orange County @ Coorg

A revisit to Orange County, Coorg, had been planned again after ten long years... with our little son in tow this time! This resort had etched itself a special place in our hearts a decade ago with its wonderful hospitality, super delicious food and its aromatic filter coffee from its very own plantation! We had fond memories of the resort and were looking forward to visit it again. The ride from Bangalore to Coorg was a smooth one except for the last 3 kilometers or so on the plantation's mud road which took us inside to the gates of the resort. We took NICE road and hit the Mysore expressway before taking a diversion for Coorg near Mysore. It took us approximately 6 hours to reach the resort with an hour-long stop at A2B on the way for a scrumptious South Indian breakfast. At the resort, we were welcomed with a refreshing cool, coffee drink infused with coconut milk. Unique as it was, it was equally pleasing to the palate as well. The electric buggies (similar to golf carts)