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Bheemeshwari @ Jungle Lodges Resort - a getaway to remember!

Sunset across the Cauvery We were excited that we were finally going to Bheemeshwari, a name synonymous in my mind with the gushing Cauvery, Mahseer fishing , tented accommodations, verdant forests and thrilling adventure activities. For reasons unknown to even us, Bheemeshwari had always taken a backseat all these years, when it came to deciding on weekend getaways. But this particular weekend, we had finally booked Jungle Lodges at Bheemeshwari and were raring to go. My son was super excited with the fact that we were going to stay in a tent. He asked us numerous times as well if a tent was strong enough to keep us safe from the wild animals of the jungle! ;) It took us less than 3 hours to get there on a Saturday morning from Bangalore. Check in at the Jungle Lodges Resort (JLR) was<span class="Apple-converted-space">  </span>at noon. So we started from our house at around 8 am giving ourselves ample of time for a leisurely breakfast stop somewhere alon