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Dabeli Urff Double Roti

Dabeli is a famous street food, originating in the Kutch region of Gujarat. It's also known as Kutchi Dabeli for obvious reasons and sometimes as Double Roti. The term 'Dabeli' literally means pressed in Gujarati. The delicious filling is pressed between the two sides of the pav and is toasted in (Amul) butter to give that wonderful taste. I first got introduced to this dish in Mumbai. We had a dabeliwala who dished out delicious dabelis in our locality. The sweet and sour potato filling, highlighting the yummy flavour of the masala and chutneys bring on a craving for this dish. His dabelis were such a hit with us, that we gorged on it at least twice a week. Even now, whenever I visit my parents, eating his dabeli is a sacrosanct ritual for me :D Dabeli or Double Roti Recipe : For the filling : Potatoes, boiled and mashed - 4 to 5 medium sized (Approx, 2 medium potatoes can fill 3 dabeli pavs) Dabeli masala - 2 teaspoons or slightly more to your liking.

Singapore - The Jewel of South East Asia

Dec 2016 This Christmas, we visited Singapore – the Lion City of Asia. When I googled about Singapore, I was pleasantly surprised to know that Singapore stands for Singapura (‘Singa –lion, pura – town), a name it derived from Sanskrit. It is said that ancient India (before 1000 CE) exerted a profound influence on South East Asia, including Singapore and that it was a part of the Indianized kingdoms of Srivijaya empire, Majapahit and others.<sup>1 </sup> Apart from its ancient Indian connection, Singapore's recent ‘rags-to-riches’ success story with its founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, impressed us greatly nonetheless! Singapore Parliament House We had an awesome week-long vacation exploring the city country and its diverse culture. Singapore, truly, is a lovely city in everything it offered to capture our imagination - from its towering skyscape to its neat, tree-lined streets; interspersed with beautiful open vistas of the Singapore river; its colourful, busy et